Are you looking to buy a perminant or semi-perminant building? Easy Buildings has the best solution

We believe it an intellegant decsision in buyingone of our builings,instead of spending enormas sums or conventional brick and mortor builings we over our kit buildings delivered to you for fast installation. It is low cost, low effort and extremely effective in dealing with an immediate requirment you may have for internal storage. One of the best parts about our buildings is the ease of constructing and the ability to relocate as required.

Easy Building Limited has approved & unsed structures ready to fulfil the needs of its new owner.

Easy Building Limited has a range of approved buildings and structures. We inspect our approved and used buildings to ensure they can be used and installaed for our clients.

Easy Building Limited fabric buildings are well known for their modular characteristics. It means the framing arrangement, steel segments, and PVC wraps can be used to develop a range of set-ups to meet a varity of needs. At Easy Building Limited we ensure that our set-up can be taken and personalised for developing customised building as per the specific needs.

Our prime aim has been always to deliver the best solution to the client. We always aim to add the best value to our work with clients as well as our partners, which is why we use a Fully-Verified control system as an important step in protecting the business. On this context, we take customer care department very seriously. Our service policy has been always about meeting the utmost satisfaction of the client. We don’t believe in one-time sale and forget policy. Rather, we emphasize in proper maintenance, and offering enhanced service in a cost-effective fashion to meet the customer wishes.

Our Building package includes the following features:
  • Quality610g /m2 PVC to ensure great endurance recommended for 10 years
  • Our metal clad buildings have quality steel panels
  • Gutter arrangements available as required
  • Steel personnel doors fitted as required with pre-fitted lock and key
  • Request for custom foundation loadings as per the kind of set-up

Easy Buildings Limited believes in supplying good value buildings at stables prices designed for the long that satisfy our clients again and again. For greater durability and strength, the walls are wrapped with fabric material of higher tenacity, having PVC layer at the either side. Moreover, the materials we use are extremely fire resistant.

However, our packages do not include services likeACs, electricity&lights. These extras are available on request.