Easy Buildings Limited: Meeting your requirments for rental services of warehouses and industrial buildings

Are you interested in rental services of warehouses and industrial buildings? Easy Building Limited can provide you the best solution in this regard within its standard structure range. Here we can provide you any shelter or building at your custom size of any length and width as per the client’s requirement.

Our buildings can easily get attention of those looking for rents. Meaning our solution can provide clients with low monthly costs matched to their budget, helping the customers to focus on their prime business.

Here we offer our clients with a wide range of services with set-up to meet their needs. This can be from very basic storage needs to thoroughly insulated, environmental friendly workshops.

We prepare the rental scheme keeping the market demands in sight. Our shelters can range for any length and width as the client wishes for. However, a client can discuss with us broadly to know about the rental packages and for exploring the standard shelters.

Our buildings are of exceptional quality:

Our buildings are known for their quality contrsution and ability of resisting even the most extreme of conditions. In short, our buildings are made to suit all weather conditions. Our slanted roof design create excellent natual drainage.

The secret behind Easy Building Limited in assuring complete safety and environmental protection is the highest quality material it uses. Here we use high-end galvanised steel framework for construction purpose that delivers the best outcome. In addition our PVC roofing system ensures complete safety and endurance to its clients even in extreme situations. However, when the client requires, we can provide customised solution for them. Moreover, powered by the experience of serving a global client base after successful YouTube promotion with The Marketing Heaven, we are confident of fulfilling any challenging demand.

Interested candidates can check knowingmalta rentals, through the following rental agreement example for 10 m Easy Buildings Limited Hall over a five year rental period.

It is here to note that the rental expenses don’t involve delivery costs, cost of construction and dismantling.

Easy Building Limited Rental Agreement Example

15m span x 20m long x 4.6m eave height Easy Buildings Limited

The package includes following features:
  • Frame works made up of Galvanised steel
  • PVC roofing ensures best protection, (including the sidewalls )
  • Personnel Door – Metal door including pre-fitted lock & key operation
  • Automatic Electric Roller shutter door